2021 40th Class Reunion Survey

Hello Brazoswood Class of 1981!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe our 40th Reunion is this year?!?!?!

The purpose of this survey is to get input from as many of you as possible before we book the venues for our 2021 class reunion.

Since we will have to book venues soon, the survey will only be active for a couple of months.  Please spread the word to fellow classmates and encourage them to participate.  Also, please update your information and make sure we have your correct email address.

While we obviously cannot please everyone, we would like to have as good of a turnout as possible, so it will help to know everyone's thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your input!


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1)   What month of the year would you like the reunion to be held?

  July 2021
  August 2021
  September 2021
  October 2021
  Doesn't matter to me
2)   Where would you prefer the Friday night event to be held?

  Wurst Haus like last time
  Lake Jackson Civic Center
  Beach house
  Your home or property 😉
  Other (specify in next question)
3)   Do you have a specific venue you would prefer for the Friday night gathering?

4)   Where would you prefer the Saturday evening event to be held?

  Lake Jackson Civic Center
  Stahlman Park at Surfside Beach like last time
  Your barn or property close to LJ
  Other (specify answer below)
5)   Do you have a specific venue you would prefer for the Saturday evening event?

6)   Do you have any services or products you would be willing to donate?

DJ, music set up, band, decorations, food, barn, beach house, ice, beer, alcohol, etc.
7)   Would you be okay with asking the class of 1980 to join us in a joint reunion since they missed having their reunion last year? This would also help with our expenses, we have not talked to them about it yet though.

8)   Which events would you most likely attend (if we have them)?

  Friday Golf Event at Wilderness
  Friday Night Gathering
  Saturday High School Tour
  Saturday Evening Dinner Event
9)   Because of the unforeseen circumstances with COVID-19 I do worry about planning a big event and no one showing up. How likely is it that you will attend if the event is held in September or October 2021?

  I Will Attend
  Highly Likely I Will Attend
  Highly Unlikely I Will attend
  Will Not Attend
10)   Any other input or suggestions?